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In Search of My Roots

Photographer Sudin KC on a 100-day long solo backpacking journey to the Great Himalayan Trails. The story of learning and relearning – how people live. The realization of how scenic and tranquil Nepal truly is. It is the story of rising above fear and moving headstrong into the immensely almighty nature. The story of people who despite their circumstances, ambitions, and situation do not fail to inspire. Through his journey, passing from East to West Nepal, among subtropical forests to highland alpine ecosystems and between villages, Sudin aims to discover the connection to his roots and to photograph what he loves the most – people.

Traveller Series

Live Your Story

Every journey is a spiritual experience for those who live to travel. The experiences we take away from travel and the wonders of nature enrich our lives, and we see the world (and ourselves) from a new perspective. Bisesh Gurung shares his passion for adventure and his path to self-discovery. Always pushing limits and finding pure joy in the pursuit.

Traveller Series

Way of Life

Photographer Ramuna Pun shares her love for exploration and documenting her journey. She travels to slow down from the humdrum of fast-paced life and to connect with people and nature. Born in a small but beautiful village called Madichaur in Rolpa, Nepal. The love of nature has been instilled within her since the very early days.