Way of Life

“Travelling paints a new horizon, a new perspective for me every time I leave the four corners of my room. It has taught me to trust myself, trust the path I have taken and to always challenge myself and my capabilities more.”


On our Traveller Series, Vol 1 – “Way of Life” photographer Ramuna Pun shares her love for exploration and documenting her journey. She travels to slow down from the humdrum of fast-paced life and to connect with people and nature. Born in a small but beautiful village called Madichaur in Rolpa, Nepal. The love of nature has been instilled within her since the very early days of her life. It is the ordinary and mundane things that inspire her to pick up the camera. Follow her journey at @rphotografy as she explores hidden landscapes, diverse culture and joyous encounters.

Ramuna is a Yatri, sharing her spirit of exploration and discovery, inspiring us as well to travel more and build a connection with nature and ourselves.