Why Should We Travel?

Our journey through life is to be wholly alive no matter what we do. To honour our hopes and dreams by saying ‘Yes’ to the things that challenge us is the way we learn about our limitless capability.


The adventures we come across and the things we learn about ourselves sets the foundation for our next adventure. Travel, whether that be at the park or across the ocean, will always bring an opportunity to overcome fear, rewire the alchemy of happiness, awaken empathy, compassion and global understanding.

Travelling the Yatri way is to learn to breathe deeply, to really enjoy the food when you eat and mostly to be wholly alive and present, no matter what we do. A Yatri travels with an open heart to every journey, small or big, exploring ourselves as we explore the world.

Travelling is the euphoria of setting your foot off to the places unmeasured by your feet. It is about enjoying each moment of it. To move lightly to the rhythm of wild, getting lost in the vastness of nature and letting yourself remind of how beautiful our life is.

To submerge yourself to the light surrounding you wherever you go,
To listen to earth’s cadence and the songs of the birds,
To stand in awe of soaring waterfalls,
To feel the crunch of glacial till.
To choose more questions over answers, and sky over screens.
To love the places you’ve never been and to love the idea of people who have never met – Travelling is to set yourself free.

To travel is to return home; the delightful consciousness of feeling alive despite the twitching tiredness. Travelling is to find your passion reignited. To be more curious about the things unexplored, to connect with each of your senses, to connect with the feeling you’ve never had before, and to believe in simplicity in each state of your mind.