In Search of My Roots

Photographer Sudin KC on a 100-day long solo backpacking journey to the Great Himalayan Trails. The story of rising above fear and moving headstrong into the immensely almighty nature. The story of people who despite their circumstances do not fail to inspire.

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Kathmandu, My Home

Most of the things I have come to love were introduced by my mother. Whether it is the rang-kada-chini-kam chiya I like to sip first thing in the morning or the printed silk sarees I long to drape around my body, my mother has played a huge role in making me fall in love with them. Among many of […]

How to Care For Your Yatri Backpack

You’re back from your recent adventure. You come home with memories of the trip, photographs and the remnants of dirt on your backpack. Photographs are there for you to hold on to forever, but dirt – maybe not so much? You need your Yatri for your next adventure, and many more to come, and the […]