Meaningful Travel: How it Enriches Our Life and Well-being

The fast-paced life has led many people to rediscover the joys of travel. Our daily lives are often accelerated in a blur of activity – rushing from task to task, deadlines, quick meals, traffic etc., as we try to catch a breath over a brief weekend. It has become important more than ever, to slow down and focus on our well-being.


Meaningful travel experiences enrich us in different ways. When we focus more on making our life better by developing ourselves, pushing boundaries and learning new things about the world through adventures. The truth is, travelling not only changes how we feel about ourselves, but also how we feel in general. Here are few guides on how meaningful travel enriches our life.

1. Try something new

Whether it’s volunteering, road trips, creative excursion, or digital detox, travel is really good for our mental health. Travelling with a purpose, and travelling to learn helps boost our mind, body and spirit. While doing something new isn’t always easy, but the reward is always worth it.


2. Make an effort to learn a foreign language

There are many ways we can learn something when on the move. It is a great idea to learn the language of the place you are visiting, but if time does not permit this then at least try and understand some basic phrases and numbers. When you travel, you come across different kinds of people from all over the world with different cultures, customs, and traditions. It can teach you invaluable networking and communication skills that can be used in the classroom, workplace, and in everyday conversation.


3. Reconnect with nature

Spending time outdoors is the perfect escape from the urban world we can get caught up in. Reconnect with yourself and feel closer to nature and your surrounding environment. It gives you the time to recharge, reflect and restore your energy. According to health and science experts, deepening our connection to nature is extremely important for improving our overall health, mood, and mental clarity.


4. Seek to understand other culture

We live in a world where we are taught to be critical of everything and everyone. Meaningful travel allows you to experience things from someone else’s perspective just the same way they experience them. You can learn about different cultures, get to know the locals, and appreciate their traditions, habits, and ways of life.

You will appreciate the culture of a place by adding value to it. You get to see local products and experience different cuisines. You will be more open to different kinds of food, experiences, people, ideas, places which you might not have otherwise tried.

Photo by Sudin KC

5. Get out of your comfort zone

We usually learn the greatest lessons in life by taking risks and stepping outside of our comfort zones. It takes courage to make the decision to travel somewhere new or to do something we’ve never done before. The most rewarding experiences always come after getting out of your comfort zone. Travelling is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and the world, and the experiences (good and bad) yields enormous personal rewards.


6. Make new friends

Meaningful travel has the potential to change your outlook on life, boost your confidence, and help you develop new friendships and relationships. You become more aware of the wider world as you embrace the values, beliefs, and a deeper sense of community and global engagement. It provides a chance to share your interests as you meet new people from all over the world, making it an enriching experience. Yes, this is another good reason for us to travel.


7. Support local products, communities, wildlife and the environment

By buying local, you are supporting local farmers, producers and wildlife. It helps the producers stay in operation and grow the local economy by creating jobs. When farmers are compensated well for their products, they are less likely to sell their land for industrial or commercial use. Shopping locally also helps reduce the carbon footprints by cutting down on shipping, fuel consumption and air pollution.


8. Become a better global citizen

Being a global citizen means being responsible and respectful of the people, community, wildlife and the environment as you embrace the adventures of the wider world while having fun at the same time. Being more mindful and ethical as you explore, and be aware of how your actions can impact the world.

To sum up, travel is an experience we can take a break from our hectic schedule, be surrounded by new faces, and have a well-deserved time off. It is the best moment to either learn, get involved or just relax. Meaningful travel should not be seen as a luxury that we cannot afford; it should rather be seen as a necessity to enrich our lives and broaden our worldviews. To bring out the best in you, to broaden who you are, and to leap into the unknown or little known adventure.

Get ready to venture (safely) out into the world again, letting your curiosity lead the way.

Text by Yugantar Paudel

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